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Money Talk Monday: Investing in God's Vision for Your Life!

Well, hello everyone! I will not even bore you about what has been happening to me, ER trip yadda, yadda and through it all God is still great in mine eyes, AMEN!

Today we are talking about "VISION" because without it people perish. Maybe it sounds so cliche but it is so true. People stay poor because they don't have a vision to come out of poverty. Start to think before you purchase something. What is the vision for the item? You might say, "I don't know, I just wanted to buy it". We have a vision for the exercise equipment and then it ends up being a close hanger, okay maybe that was just me back in the day, lol!

But this vision stuff is serious or God would not have called it out in His Word for us to truly understand what that means to each of us. Some of us have not moved on the vision because you are waiting for "provision".

We need to know and be secure by faith in knowing that God will always provide for His Vision.

1 Kings 17 Elijah and the Widow "Poverty Mentality"

· Elijah declared a drought and the brook dried up even to him, so God sent him to the widow women to provide water and a meal. She had enough for her and her son. He told her that the flour and the bottle of oil will not run out before God sends rain on the land and ends the drought.

2 Kings 4 Elisha and the Widow "Debt Mentality"

· Her husband, the prophet, had died and she gave her sons to settle the debt. Her husband was faithful and supported his leaders when he was living. He had her shut the door to fend off the creditors and gathered as many pots as she could to receive the oil by divine power declared of the prophet. She was able to pay her creditors and sell the oil to live on.

Luke 5 Peter in the boat "Dealing with past failures launching out"

Acts 12:5 Peter in Prison "Praying past your unbelief"

2 Kings 13 Influence – "be aware and ready for opportunities"

· The King came to see Elisha on his sick bed and he gave the king of Israel a prophetic word to beat his enemy in battle by taking the arrow and hitting the ground. He hit it three times but Elisha wanted him to hit it seven times.

IN THE END VISION is necessary for your future!

  • We are called to Proclaim the finished work of Jesus Christ.

  • He is the Alpha and Omega

  • The beginning and the end and therefore He alone knows the whole picture and can reveal it to us.

  • Behind and future come from the same word “achariyth” which really means “destiny”

  • In both directions past and future are the eternal nature of God

  • Destiny and future are all in God’s hands.

  • You can’t separate the end from the beginning as they are intertwined together.

  • Your vision hinges on knowing that God is......

  • Are you ready to “Proclaim your Vision” for 5783/2023?

· To be the burden bearer for your family

· To pick up the mantle and be the remnant that God has called you to be

· Proclaiming that He is God and there is no other

· That God can be all that you need to secure your future

· Let the wind of God manifest and the force of the wind come behind what He has said.

· When the enemy comes against the vision the wind of God will carry them away

· Your anointing/glory of God is in the wind

· Let the wind move you into your suddenlies and blow you forward into your purpose and destiny

· You won’t see where it is coming from but know that it is God

· There is blessing in the wind

· Let the wind from four corners of heaven transform and proclaim your vision for the next generations to come

God can and will do exactly what He said!!

Let the Force be with you!

Dr. Michelle

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